Wednesday, 19 January 2022

School raises £4,000 as village hall craft fair returns

School raises £4,000 as village hall craft fair returns

ABOUT 600 people attended the Goring Craft Fair.

The weekend event took place in the village hall having been cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It raises money for Goring Primary School and this year made £3,982 with a combination of stall charges for the crafters, a £2 entrance fee, the sale of refreshments and a raffle with prizes from the crafters and local businesses.

Katie Proctor, of the school’s parent and teacher association, said: “It went brilliantly. We had been nervous that it would have to be cancelled.

“We were also worried about whether people would come but on the Saturday it was very busy and there was a really lovely atmosphere and on the Sunday there was a steady stream of people.

“The crafters were really pleased. They say it’s one of their best events and they do well with sales.

“Everyone who makes crafts is welcome, they’re not all school parents. A lot of the crafters come each year and were really excited this time.

“It was really lovely seeing it so busy. Everyone was happy, really warm and welcoming, and the crafters were happy to be back out selling. It felt like a friendly event.

“It was lovely to be back buying presents in person rather than online and supporting local businesses as well.”

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