Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Markings not clear

UNCLEAR road markings are causing problems, say residents of a Goring street.

People living in Yew Tree Court say that the white lines at the junction of Station Road, Red Cross Road and Yew Tree Court lead drivers who do not know the area to go down their street, which is a dead end.

The drivers then have to turn around and often use residents’ driveways, causing problems or damage.

The lines should direct people left into Red Cross Road but appear to direct traffic along Yew Tree Court.

Speaking at a meeting of the parish council, a resident said: “There’s a lot of lines and they’re very confusing for most people who don’t know the area.

“All the cars should be going off to the left, not to the right. We get a lot of cars coming down Yew Tree Court. They’ll turn around in our road and our drives and cause damage.

“You need to find a solution, ideally to deal with the problem with the lines. I don’t think the signs are the problem. The residents are very keen to have some action.”

The council’s traffic, parking and pedestrian safety committee is to investigate.

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