Monday, 08 August 2022

Basket brackets to be assessed after failure

A BUDGET of up to £2,000 was agreed by Goring Parish Council to assess the hanging basket brackets on the bridge after one broke.

While watering the baskets earlier this month, a Goring in Bloom volunteer witnessed a bracket break, sending a large basket of flowers into the river Thames.

Councillors Lawrie Reavill and Jim Emerson, working with Goring in Bloom, presented their findings to the council during Monday’s full meeting.

Cllr Reavill said: “Although the volunteer was unhurt this is obviously a rather serious incident. There are another 13 brackets, and the question is are more of them likely to fail?

“I am very keen it should be carefully investigated so we may have to have some external advice.”

The meeting heard that the contract for the brackets was agreed upon in February and they were described as “looking like something from B&Q” by Cllr Emerson.

He described the bidding process for the work as a “bit of a cock-up” as the full extent of the baskets’ weight wasn’t taken into consideration. The 16-inch baskets weigh 15kg when watered.

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