Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Cleaning memorial could cause damage

PLANS to give the war memorial in Goring a deep clean have been rolled back after a heritage group intervened.

The parish council had wanted to remove all the grime, including lichen, but a document published by Historic England suggested deep cleans could do more harm than good.

At a meeting on Monday, Councillor Bryan Urbick, who chairs the council, said: “Eleven years ago it was suggested that this be looked at every 10 years.”

Cllr Jim Emerson added: “I went to have a look at the memorial and I saw lichen on the stones and grout missing between stones and the names on the side.

“I thought a deep clean would make it look like clean stone again but Historic England have documents about dealing with war memorials and how to clean them and one of the things they say is the presumption should be to leave lichen and things on.

“I was going to suggest a deep clean is perhaps too much but it is desirable to fix the grout between the stones and take the plants out of there and make sure the inscriptions are visible but not do anything to restore it to the original state.”

The council agreed to review the Historic England document to evaluate what work could be done.

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