Monday, 20 September 2021

Man needs £14,500 for electric wheelchair

A DISABLED man who used to live in Goring hopes to raise £14,500 to buy an electric wheelchair.

Tony Batten, who has cerebral palsy affecting both arms and legs, gets around using crutches and a manual wheelchair but is now developing shoulder problems as a result.

The 56-year-old has undergone several operations to repair both joints but says the damage will worsen if he does not find another means of aiding his mobility.

He wants to buy a Genny, a Swiss-made electric wheelchair that works by sensing body movements.

Villagers have so far helped him raise about £3,500. Jenny Storch, a friend of his mother Liz, held a coffee morning at her home in Thames Bank which raised more than £1,500.

Mr Batten and his mother lived in the area for more than 30 years and moved into an upstairs flat off Wallingford Road, next to Westholme Stores, just over a year ago.

However, they recently left for new accommodation in Padworth because the flat could only be accessed by a lift or a narrow staircase and they feared they would be in danger if there was a fire.

Mr Batten says the electric wheelchair will make his day-to-day life and tasks such as shopping easier.

He said: “I would be grateful for any help as my campaign has come to a bit of a stop. I’ve been getting by okay until now but as I’m getting older my shoulders are getting more worn.

“When I read about the wheelchair, I knew it was what I needed. It doesn’t put any strain on your arms whereas, at the moment, every movement I make goes through my shoulders. It would make a big difference to my life.”

To donate, visit www.just

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