Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Chiltern Villages: Peter Buckfield (Free)

I HAVE lived and worked in Cadmore End for 25 years. For this entire time I have worked in clinical trials analysis and reporting.

I have been appalled by the Government response to the pandemic, which contravenes established principles of good clinical practice.

I have observed global interests being followed at the expense of local ones. Our individual freedoms to associate, protest and travel have been curtailed and these policies have been supported by all the mainstream political parties.

The opportunity to use our judgement to protect the vulnerable while minimising the impact on personal freedoms have been sacrificed.

Businesses have been forced to close while global corporate interests like Amazon have made a fortune. The long-term effects on the local economy are incalculable.

My dissatisfaction has caused me to stand for election. I researched the field and was pleased to find the Freedom Alliance Party represented my views.

The protection of our freedoms extends to the maintenance of services and representation of citizens’ views and is a fundamental requirement at local and national level.

If elected I expect to use my critical thinking skills to represent the people of the ward and oppose wasteful expenditure and restrictions on our freedom.

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