Friday, 03 December 2021

Nice neighbours...

NEGOTIATIONS about land supply — and how much land you are willing to give away for housing — can sometimes involve tense conversations.

During a virtual meeting of the Henley and Haprsden neighbourhood plan committee, chairman Ken Arlett was keen to eliminate any such tension by adding a joke to proceedings.

Councillor Kester George, chairman of Harpsden Parish Council had raised concerns about some of the proposed sites and how the process would be handled.

He said: “Harpsden frankly objects to Henley’s planning committee having a view on land in the middle of Harpsden. One of our objectives in the plan is to keep Henley and Harpsden apart.”

Councillor Arlett replied: “We are doing our best for Harpsden, believe me — we need your CIL money!”

He was referring to the Community Interest Levy that local authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area.

The joke brought a smile to memebrs’ faces and Cllr George said: “There is no way we could give CIL money out if we were losing crucial sites in Harpsden.”

Cllr Arlett responded: “We would never knowingly do that.”

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