Saturday, 04 July 2020

Don’t try cutting or dying hair yourself as you may regret it, advise stylists

DURING the pandemic, many people have taken to cutting or dying their own hair but salon owners don’t recommend this.

Professional scissors are much sharper than the cheaper alternatives found online and hairdressers say this can cause damage.

Another area of concern is hair dye, which can be harmful to your skin and doing it yourself is not the same as having it applied by a professional.

Angelo Dorata advised customers to be patient, adding: “I would not encourage people to cut their own hair because it will not be as professional and the same goes for colour.

“Box dyes can be very harmful. The ones you buy from the supermarket are very different in terms of the composition, and colouring hair is not as simple as picking a colour. We have had clients telling us they have done their own colour at home and then ask us how they can fix it and they can’t. Those are quite hard for us to fix in the salon.

“It is obvious that having your hair done is important to people and makes them feel good. We understand that and like it because it suggests we will be busy when we re-open.”

Lynda Parker, of Rudi Kartal, said she had given advice to regular clients over the phone and sent them tubes of hair dye in the post as they had been skin tested at the salon and could apply it themselves.

She said: “I wouldn’t tell anyone to go and buy a box from Boots without having a test. It could turn their hair orange and it is quite a complex process. Hair grows back but colour takes years to grow out and you could have a terrible reaction to some colours.

“I know that people will want to have a go with cutting but I won’t be the one to take the blame for any mistakes.”

Nicola Chapman, of Elements, said: “I have had so many calls from people who say they desperately want to have their hair cut but I have told them not to touch it and wait until we come back. It is going to take us a lot longer to correct.

“It is easy for me to say and I know it can’t be easy for people if they have a long fringe covering their eyes but if people start cutting and colouring and it goes wrong, it’s going to take us a lot longer to correct.”

Nicole Hewitt of the Salon of Chi, added: “We have all had haircuts from someone who is unqualified and I think it is a bit of Russian roulette. My advice to my customers has been to nurture your hair and treat it and then your hair will survive longer. Up your conditioning regime and your hair cuts will last longer.

“It is free will and if you want to cut your own hair then do it, but my advice is that you can’t beat a professional haircut. If you want to trim the fringe, I would use sharp scissors, but I would not recommend it.

Scissors can damage your hair if they are not sharp and will not create a very clean edge.

“There is so much geometry that goes into it. It is like asking a master tailor how to make a suit — it is just not possible. You are better off waiting than the hair losing its shape.”

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