Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Campaign to install defibrillators in Wargrave

A VETERAN runner is leading a campaign to install up to five defibrillators in Wargrave.

A VETERAN runner is leading a campaign to install up to five defibrillators in Wargrave.

David Moseley is on the committee of Wargrave Runners, which organises the annual Wargrave 10km, and came up with the idea while discussing how to spend the proceeds of last year’s event.

Mr Moseley, 66, of Autumn Walk, Wargrave, said: “We voted to put some of the money towards a defibrillator. I started to look at the bigger picture and it seems the village would probably benefit from having several.

“There has been a wave of opinion recently in favour of putting defibrillators in communities because of their potential to save lives. We are seeing more and more of them but Wargrave seems to be a bit behind.

“What I’m trying to do is co-ordinate this so I need to consult people about what’s needed and where. The location is critical.”

Mr Moseley, who is married with four children, has already spoken to South Central Ambulance Service and community first responders. He also met Henley woman Sarah Roberts, who founded Millie’s Dream, an appeal to install defibrillators in schools, which was launched in September 2013. Named after Ms Roberts’ seven-year-old daughter Millie, who has a heart and lung condition, the appeal has so far installed 33 devices in schools and other locations for use by the public.

Mr Moseley said: “We need to know what’s required in terms of location, training for the community and ongoing support. I’ve had a lot of support and the next stage is to agree places for them to go.

“I’ve got an idea that we probably need three defibrillators but it is subject to what others think and it could be two, four or five. I’ve already had some good input but it’s important that the professionals, like the ambulance service, have their view.

“I met Sarah and we talked about working together because she’s very keen to get defibrillators in schools.” There are already community defibrillators at the Piggott School in Twyford Road, Hennerton Golf Club and Crazies Hill village hall.

But Mr Moseley says these are of little use to people in the heart of Wargrave.

He said: “The problem is that they are not in the centre of the village and every minute counts. Wargrave recreation ground seems to be an ideal location as there’s lots of activity there, such as football and cricket.

“I’m quite optimistic that we will have a defibrillator in Wargrave in the next three months.”

Defibrillators need to be connected to a power supply in order to keep them warm and charged. They are often kept in locked containers with a code available from the emergency services.

Each defibrillator costs around £1,500, which includes a secure cabinet.

Mr Moseley says the Wargrave Runners could pay for one but called for residents to help fund any others.

He said: “A community like Wargrave should be able to fund these units.”

Mr Moseley would like villagers to suggest suitable locations for a defibrillator. Call him on 0118 940 3254 or email david@jmoseley.co.uk

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