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Room renamed after unexpected delivery

VIOLET BANGAY’S entry into the world was so unexpected that she arrived while her mother was visiting a children’s centre

VIOLET BANGAY’S entry into the world was so unexpected that she arrived while her mother was visiting a children’s centre.

Now the new-born girl has had the midwifery room at the Caversham centre where she was delivered named after her.

Violet’s mother Julie was on a routine visit to the Amersham Road centre on December 2 when matters moved more quickly than expected.

Mrs Bangay, 33, who lives in Caversham, said: “I had an appointment that morning so I went in.

“I was having contractions and knew the baby was on her way but I didn’t realise how far along she was until the midwide examined me and told me that I was going to have the baby there.”

Midwife Harriet Greaves ensured the safe delivery of Violet, who weighed 9lbs 7oz.

Mrs Bangay said: “Harriet turned a stressful situation into an amazing experience and memory that my family will always cherish.

“Harriet and the staff at the centre were wonderful. They were very caring and made everything go as smoothly as possible.”

The staff were so happy abut what happened that they decided they wanted to name the midwifery room the Violet Room.

Mrs Bangay and husband Stanhope, 29, who also have a 21-month old-son called Theodore, were delighted at the idea and on Monday they returned to the newly renamed room.

Centre manager Danielle Kelly said she would cherish the memory of Violet’s arrival.

“It was a normal day in the centre,” she said. “We were open as usual and the midwifery clinic was going on.

“Mum turned up for her appointment to see the midwife and it kind of unfolded from there. It was only when Harriet left the midwife room and said ‘okay, can I have a cup of coffee for dad and and cushions to make mum comfortable’ that we realised.

“We just left them to it really and made them aware we were around if they needed anything.

“It was wonderful — we were very excited, ecstatic actually, and really pleased for the family that Violet arrived safe and well.”

Councillor Jan Gavin, Reading Borough Council’s lead for children’s services, congratulated Mr and Mrs Bangay and praised the staff at the centre.

She said: “The council’s children’s centres deliver a wide range of valuable services to parents and youngsters but I think this is one service nobody was quite expecting to deliver!”

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