Monday, 20 September 2021

John Howell suggests: merge care with NHS

JOHN HOWELL says more people should be allowed to die at home by choice rather than in hospital

JOHN HOWELL says more people should be allowed to die at home by choice rather than in hospital.

The Henley MP says this can only be achieved with the integration of the NHS and social care.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he asked community and social care minister Alistair Burt what progress had been made on integration and improving care provided outside hospital. He said: “Seventy per cent of people would prefer to die in their own homes, yet we still allow 60 per cent of people to die in hospital.

“This has to change, as it has in the Netherlands owing to the better social care provided outside hospitals.

“What message would the minister give to clinical commissioning groups, such as mine, which are trying hard to bring this about and to integrate services?”

Mr Burt said: “We want to see greater choice in end-of-life care so that people are able to be cared for and die in the place they choose and which is appropriate to their needs, whether that is a hospice, a hospital or their own home.

“The recent Choice review set out a vision of enabling greater choice at the end of life. I am working with NHS England to see how this can be best achieved and the Government expects to comment on that soon.”

Later, Mr Howell said: “The issue of the integration of social care and the NHS is very important for Oxfordshire.

“I was glad that the minister confirmed the view that out-of-hospital care needs to be transformed in every community by 2020.

“Townlands Hospital in Henley provides an excellent model whereby it will offer the real choice of beds associated with the hospital as well as care in the home.”

Mr Howell was due to visiting a hospital in Hertfordshire this week to examine the system of ambulatory care that is being introduced at Townlands despite opposition to the loss of beds in the hospital.

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