Monday, 25 January 2021

College praised

PROFESSOR Mary Beard has congratulated the Henley College’s classics and ancient history department.

The classicist, of Newnham College Cambridge, said: “It is increasingly rare for both classics and ancient history to be offered at
A-level in the state sector.

“The Henley College is to be congratulated on offering such an unusually wide range of subjects, despite years of cuts to the education budget.

“It is refreshing that, in a climate where the education system seems to be increasingly geared towards science and technology, Henley is determined to continue to promote the arts.

“The culture and art of the ancient world are so much part of our daily modern life that they are often taken for granted. They have inspired great works of art and literature and fascinated generations of students.”

Classical subjects have declined in popularity by 14.5 per cent across the UK over the last five years and less than one per cent of all A-levels taken in 2018 were in classical subjects.

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