Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Save the hedgehog

HENLEY in Bloom could champion hedgehog conservation in the town this year.

Committee member Catherine Notaras will work with town councillor David Eggleton on the project.

Ms Notaras said: “We are destroying a lot of hedgerows and the properties which are going up are replacing hedges with fences.

“Hedgehogs can roam up to two miles to mate and for food but they can struggle to get through fencing and then they’re scuppered. There are types of hedgehog-friendly fencing.”

Councillor Eggleton, a supporter of hedgehog conservation charity St Tiggywinkles, said he encouraged residents to cut holes in the bottom of fencing to help the creatures move around easily.

Town clerk Janet Wheeler said she would raise the issue at meetings with housing developers.

Last year Henley in Bloom promoted bee conservation.

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