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Baskets total hits 211

Baskets total hits 211

THE number of summer hanging baskets sold by Henley in Bloom has reached 211.

It comes after chairman David Eggleton visited 22 businesses to encourage them to take part. 

He delivered leaflets about the scheme through doors and agreed that last Friday’s deadline to place an order could be extended by two weeks. 

A year ago, 228 baskets were sold, which was the best total in six years.

This year’s baskets, which are supplied by WindowFlowers of Burnham and maintained all summer, contain purple or blue vein surfinia, pink pelargonium peltatum ivy leaf, begonia, fuchsia, bidens aurea and silver cineraria maritima.

The plants were chosen to support bees and other pollinating insects.

They also contain “hairy” plants to absorb toxins in the air, which will help tackle pollution.

Councillor Eggleton said: “I told the businesses what a value the scheme is and how it uplifts their entire shop.

“A few had been leaving it until the last minute. Hopefully, there will be a few more. 

“If people haven’t heard about the hanging baskets, encourage them to get involved. There’s a few residents who have asked me where they can get them and I have pointed them in the right direction. 

“To those who have bought baskets, I’d like to say a big thank you for supporting Henley in Bloom and for helping to make our town look an attractive place to visit and live.”

Linda Key Jackson, who lives in Meadow Road with her husband Simon Jackson, has bought 10 baskets for the second year running.

She said: “We feel it’s very important to support Henley and make the town look beautiful for the residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We are very proud to live in Henley and want to make the town look as nice as we possibly can. We are lucky to live near the river.”

Biggie Best in Duke Street has bought two baskets. Manager Elizabeth Hook said: “It is nice to be a part of it and to make Henley look nice.

“The shop looks more inviting and it’s a lovely environment for people to come into.”

Kate Tooley, who lives with her husband Patrick and their children Megan, 18, Madeleine, 12, and Oscar, 10 in New Street, has bought one basket.

She wanted something to replace the dead rose in her garden while helping to tackle air pollution. 

Mrs Tooley said: “I think that if people have got a space in front of their house, they should buy a basket if they can. It makes the street look much nicer.”

This year’s buyers include: Ten — Linda Key Jackson; Eight — Ancastle Green Residents’ Society; Six — Henley Self Storage; Five — Chiltern House Business Centre; Four — Gibbs & Dandy, Higgs & Co, Ruth Cassidy; Three — 1st Henley scouts, Ballards estate agents; Two — Aura Creatives, Villars Hayard LLP, Accession, Lord Remnant, Kench & Co, Handelsbanken, Sacred Heart Church, Andrew Martin-Davis, Sue Vivian-Wright, Facy, Berries Coffee, Duncan Campbell, the Row Barge, Jim Stoner, Sue Gentilli, Biggie Best; One — Vinegar Hill, Mr Louth, Thomas Naskret, Anne Rayner, Next Call, Safebuy, Joy Ferguson, Nicola Pickup, Royal House Dental Care, Malthouse Management, Michael Sharp, Henley Sales and Charter, Anita Downing, Queen Street Mews Management, McQueen Turner solicitors, John Glen Films, H Bonsor, Frost Borneo Opticians, Henley Group International, Tomalin & Son, Pamela Stewart, Patrick Collins, Claudia Klaver, Richard Wyatt, Kate Tooley.

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