Thursday, 07 July 2022

No bloom entry again

No bloom entry again

HENLEY will not enter the Britain in Bloom competition for the second year running.

The town won gold in the Thames and Chilterns regional competition in 2019 for the seventh time in eight years but didn’t enter last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision not to enter this year was made by the Henley in Bloom committee on Friday, saying it was due to the covid restrictions and the additional pressure entering would put on the town council’s park services staff.

Deputy Mayor David Eggleton, who chairs Henley in Bloom, said: “It’s not always about competitions, it’s about our town and having nice places to go.

“I’ve received great comments about what we’ve achieved and whether we’re entering the competition or not, the park services are doing a fantastic job.

“We can carry on making nice and vibrant places and I think we should do a few bits here and there if it’s a small thing that doesn’t take a lot of organisation but we don’t want to add extra pressure on the parks services.”

Any projects will be documented and photographed to add to a Bloom portfolio for future competitions.

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