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Hanging baskets hit record of 250

Hanging baskets hit record of 250

A NEW record has been set for the number of summer hanging baskets sold in Henley.

Residents and businesses have bought a total of 250 baskets as part of the annual campaign by Henley in Bloom, which is supported by the Henley Standard.

The previous record stood at 241, which was set in 2016. That total was surpassed after 57 baskets were sold this week.

David Eggleton, who chairs Henley in Bloom, said: “I had a feeling we would break the record this year and I can’t wait until the baskets go up in a couple of weeks.

“When the warm weather brings people out and about, things are going to look absolutely blooming.

“I think it shows how supportive people are. Everyone wants to do their bit for the town.”

WindowFlowers, which is based in Burnham, will supply and install the baskets at the end of May and beginning of June and maintain them all summer.

This year’s colour theme will be sky blue, white and purple and the plants will include surfinia petunia, pelargonium peltatum, begonia illumination apricot, scaevola aemula white and lobelia erinus white.

The baskets cost £71.20, which includes maintenance and watering, while brackets to hang them cost £33 each.

Emma Leavey has ordered nine baskets for homes in the Boathouse Reach development.

She said: “The baskets make Henley look more homely and the ones that will hang outside our properties will look wonderful for people walking alongside the river.”

Barry Maytum has bought a basket to hang outside his home in Ancastle Green.

He said: “I have bought the baskets for a few years now. It is nice to take part in a community initiative. It makes the town look pretty and people walking by think they’re really attractive.

“It seems like a small price to pay for baskets that are so big and good quality and it’s handy to have people come around to maintain them.”

Penny Bayliss, of Bell Street, who has also bought a basket, said: “I am so fond of Henley and really pleased I live here.

“The baskets give me the opportunity to make it look prettier and therefore give a little back. They’re such beautiful, marvellous, decorative things and it is wonderful how everyone takes part.”

The Henley Larder in Bell Street will also have a basket outside. Owner Zoe Ferreira said: “The baskets brighten up the town and draw people’s eyes to the shop.

“Henley is always beautiful but these baskets just add something extra. It is amazing that the record has been broken. I am proud to be part of the initiative and proud to be part of Henley as a whole.”

Brian Wrighton has bought a basket for his house in Gravel Hill which he moved into in September.

He said that seeing the baskets in bloom last summer persuaded him to buy one this year.

“I remember looking round at all these wonderful baskets and thinking that I would really like one when the time to order them came round again,” he said.

“If you weigh the cost up against how much they bring to the town and how well they are maintained, then it is definitely worth it.”

The baskets are still available to buy. To order one, fill in and return the form printed on page 55 or email Trish Rae at the town council on t.rae@henleytowncouncil.

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