Monday, 01 March 2021

AT the 255th meeting of the club, held at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Thursday, November 9, acting chairman Susan Beswick introduced Gill Davies and her talk, entitled “Elizabeth I in her own words”, to a larger than usual attendance.

We then enjoyed a lively, animated and passionate talk by Gill, who said she had hero-worshipped Elizabeth I for 60 years.

Gill, a historian and history teacher, had researched her subject in depth and we were taken through all the dramas and machinations of Elizabeth’s reign, especially in the 1570s and 1580s.

William Cecil was her trusted and beloved advisor for 40 years until his death.

Robert Dudley was the only man she ever loved but could not marry because he was implicated in his wife’s death, with the result that she refused to marry and became the “Virgin Queen”.

Gill painted a picture of a clever, devout, courageous and lonely woman and we were all enthralled.

This was followed by a drink and chat and a two- course lunch as usual.

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The next meeting will be at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Thursday, December 14 at 10.30am for 11am, when Tony King will speak on “Hollywood to Broadway by train”.

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