Friday, 12 August 2022

Henley Ladies Probus Club

THE 242nd meeting of the club was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Thursday, October 13.

The chairman welcomed the members and two visitors and reminded the ladies that it was the 21st anniversary of the club.

The minutes were read, approved and signed.

The chairman reported that the treasurer Pat Walker would be retiring in February and that we would need a volunteer for the job. Pat then gave a brief description of what is entailed, pointing out its simplicity.

The chairman reminded members that the £20 subscriptions would be due in November and asked that, as Pat would be away, would they pay this, preferably by cheque, and hand it in to Barbara as they checked in.

The chairman then welcomed the speaker, Richard Kingston, who gave a very interesting talk on “Antiques and the influence of tea”.

We were taken through the history of tea, dating back to ancient Chinese mythology.

One rather macabre story was that of a Chinese emperor who cut off his eyelashes as a penance and where these fell the first tea bushes sprouted. We were reminded of the cost and significance of tea in the 17th and 18th centuries and shown some beautiful and intriguing tea caddies.

The talk ended with the statement that tea has never had anything to do with art, politics or religion and became a product to influence friendships. Many questions and answers followed before the chairman gave the vote of thanks.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 10 when Marten Van Der Veen will tell the story of his Dutch ancestors.

Anyone interested in Henley Ladies Probus Luncheon Club should call Marion Whitaker on (01491) 628629 or email pandmwhit@

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