Saturday, 06 March 2021

THE chairman welcomed members and three visitors to the November meeting at Badgemore Park Golf Club.

She then reported the sad news that Jill Bland, a very long term member, had died.

Marten Van Der Veen, the speaker, was then introduced with his talk on his Dutch ancestry.

He gave a brief history of Holland’s rise and fall over the centuries.

Marten related how his ancestors came from the farming stock in northern Holland and, apart from being wholesome, honest folk, there was no one of note among them.

Then, as education improved, his grandparents were teachers, producing two boys, one who became an engineer and the other, Marten’s father, a naval officer.

His father spent time in Java before returning to Holland, from where he had escaped the German occupation with four others, and then settled in England, marrying an English girl, Marten’s mother.

Marten himself became an Air Vice Marshall and his talk highlighted the importance that education had and has on future generations.

After the talk, the club presented Sharon Samuel, events manager at the golf club for the last eight years, with a plant as grateful thanks for her care of us.

The next meeting will be on December 8 when Robin John will highlight women in opera, such as Carmen, with some audio and video excerpts to bring the subject to life.

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