Friday, 22 October 2021

Mark Kermode on why film critics aren’t ‘evil’

Mark Kermode on why film critics aren’t ‘evil’
FILM critic Mark Kermode went to the pub after giving a talk at the Kenton Theatre on Monday — and ended up trying to convince one punter that his job isn’t “evil”.

He was invited to the Old Bell in Bell Street by landlord Rob Hooton and struck up a conversation with Sally King, who runs her own casting agency.

Mrs King said: “Rob and I had a joke about critics because I’m not a massive fan. You work for months on a film only for one person’s opinion to break it. I heard Mark was funny and entertaining at his talk and he seemed a nice chap but he hasn’t really changed my mind on critics!”

Kermode gave her a signed copy of his new book, Hatchet Job, with a personal message saying “not all film critics are evil!”

He later Tweeted: “Thanks to everyone who came to see Hatchet Job talk at Henley Lit Fest yesterday. Fabulous venue, ace questions and a fine pint in the Bell.”

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