Friday, 24 September 2021

Review - Going it alone

Review - Going it alone
IF comedy has been deemed as male dominated, with limited female success, Katy Wix demonstrated the valued presence and sheer hilarity of women in comedy.

In a witty conversation with Fergus Craig, Katy Wix from the hit BBC sitcom Not Going Out spoke about her drama school experiences and not being able to find compelling and original audition material for women. As she started to write monologues “to order” for budding acting friends, Katy accumulated a wide range of interesting, open and entertaining characters for her new book, Comic Monologues for Women.

The first monologue performance entitled Fortune, described by Wix as “one of my faves”, brought to life the voice of a forceful posh woman.

The beauty of monologues is that they throw the audience into the middle of the character’s mind. Often with no introduction, the actor has to effectively bring the audience into the insight of the character. Katy’s performance was no exception as her seamless transition from Wix to the comical dynamic posh woman enthralled the audience.

Fergus Craig highlighted Katy’s impeccable understanding for “speech patterns”. Supported by her delivery of the monologue Gold, it was clear that Wix’s sense of voice and innate timing make her performance an absolute joy to watch.

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