Sunday, 26 September 2021

Review - Just get on with it

“WOULDN’T it be nice to put off procrastination and get on with things?” asked Charles Harris, wryly, of a roomful of existing and would-be writers on Sunday afternoon.

But whilst many present acknowledged they regularly employ delaying tactics in their writing lives, a glance at Charles’ full and varied career reveals it may not be something with which he struggles.

From early days as an amateur screenwriter, Charles has developed into an award-winning writer and director for cinema, theatre, TV drama, soaps and documentary. He lectures at home and abroad, has written a self-learning screenwriting course, is a highly regarded script consultant and is due to publish his first novel next year. It seems that Charles Harris is, indeed, a man to “get on with things”.

An hour offers sparse opportunity to tackle the vast subject of screenwriting but, with his wealth of experience and engaging style, Charles was able to deliver a fast-paced, interactive and informative session.

We learned the basic techniques of character development, exercised our collective brains in creating different scene endings and discovered that, whilst no script is perfect, some flaws may be tolerated whilst others prove fatal.

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