Sunday, 19 September 2021

Review - Superbly wobbly

FRANCESCA Martinez — comedienne, actress and author displayed a warm, endearing personality throughout her conversation with Daniel Hahn at the Town Hall.

Invited to discuss her book What the xxxx is Normal?!, Francesca had a happy childhood in a supportive family environment, overshadowing the spectre of disability.

Possessing a lively sense of humour at an early age, Francesca shunned any external sense of pity. Preferring a defiant life as a tomboy, climbing trees and ringing unfamiliar doorbells, created particular challenges for a girl with cerebral palsy, no easy escape route.

Encouraged by a creative family, Francesca obtained the role of Goldilocks in the school play, an early sign of her acting talent.

While her father attempted to introduce exercises to her daily routine, to improve her suppleness and co-ordination, Francesca told the audience she fought against being measured by ‘normal’ standards.

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