Thursday, 23 September 2021

Review - Bonkers authors

THERE wasn’t a dead body in sight in the Town Hall as Erin Kelly and Kate Rhodes happily chatted about writing crime.

In fact, the audience was very much alive, while sipping wine and laughing as the two authors light-heartedly revealed their darker sides. And who would have thought that the two ladies on stage were capable of conjuring the atrocities that the pages of their books conceal?

Talking like two friends over tea, they discussed death and brutality, the cruelty of editors and the shocking realisation that they are crime writers. For this was one of the biggest revelations; neither of them intended to write crime.

Kate, in her bright red scarf, smiled at the audience frequently and admitted that she writes about the foibles of the human mind. The audience laughed, shifted in their seats and turned to Erin. She had to agree. Despite ideas of a romance novel, she finds it difficult to avoid a dead body.

Looking cheery in a pretty shirt, it was hard to imagine Erin capable of violence but for her it is unavoidable. Kate nodded and added she was genuinely shocked to discover she was writing whodunits.

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