Sunday, 24 October 2021

Review - Inspiring others

JOHN Browne author of The Glass Closet, a book that highlights homophobia in industry, poured his heart out to us all at the Kenton.

I felt privileged to have heard his story. He told a story that although specific to him, everyone could identify with in their own way. He told a story of how keeping his sexuality a secret put him under the spotlight, how he caused himself pain.

Through telling his story, he told the experience of many others, he mentioned that since coming out as gay he has had hundreds of emails thanking him and people coming out to him wishing they had the strength to do so.

His book, he says, is him trying to inspire people that that they don’t have to be locked away by themselves. That coming out has its own advantages, focusing on the business aspect specifically, he told how a business with an inclusive attitude could do better business as people can be themselves inside the business and that the LGBT group are not targeted enough by marketing specialists.

Hearing John speak he told us how he had a new lease on life and that he was now dedicated to helping others and urging an intentionally inclusive business model. John spoke to us all as both a role model and an advisor, committed to making a real difference in inclusion for LGBT today, a thoroughly enjoyable night for all.

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