Monday, 15 August 2022

Residents offered three options for slowing traffic in street

RESIDENTS of a Henley street are to be asked their views on proposed traffic-calming measures.

The town council’s traffic advisory committee is considering three different schemes for a section of Gravel Hill and wants to know what householders think.

If there are no objections, it will ask Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, to conduct a formal consultation.

The first proposal is for a “pinch point” with build-outs on either side of the pavement to make it safer for pedestrians to cross. This would cost £12,000 for which the county council has pledged half the money if there is match-funding.

South Oxfordshire District Council’s conservation officers would also have to approve it.

An alternative would be a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road, which would cost £9,000, although councillors are concerned about reduced visibility as the area is overshadowed by mature trees. The third proposal is for a £7,000 vehicle-activated electronic speed sign, which would need a power supply as the street is too dark for solar power.

Keith Stenning, the county’s area steward, told a committee meeting: “We’ll have a formal consultation when the time is right but you must do an informal survey to ensure people aren’t upset at the thought of these schemes going ahead outside their houses.”

Surveys will be sent to householders within the next few weeks while a report on the proposals is prepared for the town council’s town and community committee.

The committee also discussed a letter from former Henley town councillor Martin Cresswell requesting a pedestrian crossing at the foot of West Street, near the junction with Market Place and King’s Road.

Mr Stenning said this would be impossible due to the narrowness of the street and it would require the removal of historic paving stones.

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