Sunday, 07 August 2022

Parking tickets double

THE number of tickets issued at Mill Meadows car park in Henley more than doubled last year.

A total of 348 tickets were handed out to drivers at the town council-owned car park during 2016, compared with 139 in 2015.

This raised more than £10,000 through fines, four times the amount in the previous year.

The town council changed its contractor from Vinci Park Services to Chipside Limited in July 2015 after a drop in the money collected from fines.

Chipside uses an automated system and set up a cashless payment scheme called MiPermit.

Of the 348 fines issued in 2016, 276 were collected. Of the remaining 72, most were rescinded on appeal for reasons such as equipment failure or staff errors.

There were also several successful appeals where drivers had valid parking tickets or permits but had not displayed them properly for which they were given a final warning.

Mayor Julian Brookes said: “We are trying to strike a balance between charging a reasonable fee for parking and raising revenue in order to keep council tax down.

“The idea is to discourage people from not paying. We aren’t interested in achieving any particular number of tickets, it’s about getting people to put their coins in the machine when they arrive.

“Our new contractor is achieving much higher rates, which I hope will result in an increase in regular parking fees and fewer notices.”

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