Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Thoughtful and fun-loving — that was my husband

HERE is a testament to Rob’s kindness and his fun side, writes his wife Pamela Myles-Hooton.

An old chap called John who used to come into the pub had a mobile phone that was old and rickety and he found it difficult to work so Rob bought him a new one.

It was just a cheap phone as he/we did not have much money but easier to use than his old one. Rob set it all up and gave John lessons on how to switch it on, access family numbers etc. He also put our numbers in.

We knew that John used to live in Shiplake and missed his friends from there and so (Rob’s idea), we booked him into the Baskerville pub in the village for an evening meal and asked the pub to tell all his old friends that he was coming.

John’s memory is fading and he’d forgotten so the two of us wandered round town to his usual haunts looking for him.

Rob found him just finishing off his evening meal at the Catherine Wheel. No matter, we still all went to Shiplake where John had pudding with us and saw lots of his friends.

That was Rob — a genuine, good person who actually didn’t have very much but what he had he shared and I loved him very, very much for it. Now for the fun story. Rob was able to access the pub cameras and music system when we were off the premises as he liked to keep an eye on the place in case there was a problem.

One night he was having a meal out with two friends and he checked on the cameras.

He noticed there was just me and a few good friends in the pub chatting, so he went into the music system remotely and changed the next song to I’m On A Boat and when the three of them walked back in we were all laughing and dancing.

That was typical of Rob — fun and thoughtful.

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