Monday, 15 August 2022

Elderly accused of bin misuse

RESIDENTS are still dumping household waste in litter bins in Henley illegally.

Town councillors are to try to tackle the problem following a complaint by Donna Crook, who lives in Abrahams Road.

She claimed to have seen people putting rubbish sacks in the bins, which are meant for street litter otherwise it counts as fly-tipping.

Concerns were first raised in October, when two councillors said the town’s bins were often overflowing due to misuse.

Ms Crook told a meeting of the council’s recreation and amenities committee: “This is still going on and it’s not necessarily being done by the people you might imagine.

“I saw an elderly lady dumping rubbish at the corner of Mount View and King’s Road the other day. I questioned her about it and she told me she had no more room in her rubbish bin.

“I told her she was ruining things for everyone else and she said she wouldn’t do it again, though I don’t know if she meant it.”

Councillor Simon Smith, who lives in Mount View, said: “I’ve often witnessed people doing it at that bin and dumping their bottles at the recycling bin outside Boots in Bell Street.

“I have to say it is often elderly people who are responsible. They don’t have space to store it and don’t understand that they shouldn’t be doing it — they feel it should just be collected.”

Councillor Sam Evans: “We’ve got to do something about this. We could maybe introduce some kind of education through organisations like the Over-60s club.”

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