Tuesday, 09 August 2022

'Intolerable' pollution

HENLEY Town Council is supported by Dieter Hinke, who chairs the neighbourhood plan steering group.

In his official response to the consultation, the former town councillor said: “Henley was studied in detail in 2012 and very little has changed regarding its ability to provide extra homes.

“The inspector’s conclusions are as valid today as they were then, the only real difference being that we have provided about 150 extra homes through organic growth, such as infill development.

“Congestion is an issue for nearly all towns in our area but the unique geography of Henley-on-Thames causes pollutants to settle, concentrate and become trapped in the town centre.

“We are already proposing 500 homes without any plan to improve our situation. Any further allocation would simply worsen our position to intolerable levels of pollutants.”

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