Thursday, 21 October 2021

Carport built in wrong spot 'has to come down'

A MAN whose builders installed a carport at his home in the wrong place should be ordered to tear it down and rebuild it, say town councillors.

Steve Hind, of Meadow Road, Henley, was granted planning permission for the wooden, pitch-roofed structure, which has room for two cars parked side-by-side, in April last year.

Four neighbours have complained to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, that the carport was built about four metres closer to Mr Hind’s house than he stated in his planning application, meaning the view from their windows is dominated by the roof.

Mr Hind has asked the council to approve the new location but Henley Town Council’s planning committee has said the application should be refused.

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said: “There’s a big difference between where it’s situated and what the plans say. It shouldn’t be okay to build in the wrong place then just say ‘oops’ afterwards. The architect, or someone else involved in the process, should have intervened and not allowed the work to go ahead.”

Committee chairman Ken Arlett said: “A few centimetres would be okay but four metres is just ridiculous.”

Councillor Will Hamilton said builders had started work while he was on holiday and changed the location. When they arrived on site, they realised the gutters would hang over a neighbour’s land if they stuck to the original plans. 

Cllr Hamilton added that three neighbours had sent letters of support.

He said: “The applicant was surprised to hear he had built it too near to the house. It has divided neighbours and some are happy for it to stay where it is.

“Given that none of the neighbours wants to put up with more building work, it’s better to allow this than make him take it down or move it.”

Meanwhile, the committee recommended approving Brakspear’s plans to demolish part of the former Jolly Waterman pub in Reading Road and build five homes.

The main building would be converted into a pair of semi-detached houses, each with two bedrooms. The rear extensions would be demolished to create gardens for these properties and the side extensions knocked down to create parking spaces.

A garage block with a one-bedroom flat above would then be built behind. Further back there would be two new semi-detached, two-bedroom houses. Access would be from Farm Road, which runs behind the site.

Brakspear, which converted the pub into offices in 1996, says two of the properties would be “affordable” to help offset a shortage of low-cost housing in Henley.

South Oxfordshire District Council will decide both applications.

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