Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Town shows vital signs

HENLEY is the 25th most vibrant retail location in the UK, according to a study. The town is a new entry in this year’s Vitality Index, an annual ranking published by commercial property experts Harper Dennis Hobbs.

The index compares about 1,000 British towns and cities by considering figures such as the number of upmarket retailers, shop vacancy rate, the way in which shops meet local needs and the proportion of “undesirable” shops like pawnbrokers, payday lenders and bookmakers.

Henley ranks higher than Marlow, which is 39th on the list. The top three were Cambridge, the Westfield centre in London and Knightsbridge.

Henley town manager Helen Barnett said: “This is a fabulous benchmark and will be useful in attracting new retail. Henley has very few ‘undesirable’ shops and is well below the national average for empty units.”

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