Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Mystery woman praised

A MYSTERY woman picked up the bill for a Christmas lunch for a group of adults with special needs.

Twenty-one members of Mencap’s Meteor Club celebrated at the Three Horseshoes pub in Henley on Thursday last week but were stunned when they were told that they had nothing to pay.

The woman, who was in the Brakspear pub in Reading Road, had seen the group enjoying themselves and asked the bar staff who they were.

After being told, she insisted on paying their £250 bill on the proviso that the diners were not told of her gesture until after she had left the pub. Landlord Nigel Rainbow, who has hosted the Meteor Club for years, said: “The Meteor Club are a great bunch of people and this is a lovely thing to happen at Christmas time, especially for the organisers who put in so much hard work.”

Paul Barrett, who chairs the South Oxfordshire Mencap Meteor Club, said: “In these days when there is so much depressing news around, it is absolutely marvellous when somebody is able to offer up a spontaneous act of generosity.

“She deserves all the public praise we can give her while respecting her anonymity. She is the mystery Good Samaritan, the angel at the table.”

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