Saturday, 13 August 2022

Calendar comedy continues

MY final mention of the record-breaking 2017 Henley Living Advent Calendar is in order to laud musician Martyn “Eek” Cooper, who was the only person to perform on two different nights.

This was all the more amazing since it was less than a year since he had undergone surgery to remove a tumour the size of a tennis ball, as you may have read on the front page of our last edition before Christmas.

Martyn, who is known for his sense of humour, was performing on the 15th night at the town hall with the Congo Frog Boudoir Band when he told the crowd: “Since my brain surgery I have become a little bit shaky, so let’s do a shaky number!”

Cue the band’s version of Merry Christmas, Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens.

Meanwhile, on another evening, a female spectator was particularly pleased to win a box of chocolates in the fund-raising raffle.

She exclaimed: “The only thing I’ve ever won before is a bag of compost!”

My congatulations to everyone involved in the calendar, particularly organiser Richard Rodway. I can hardly wait for next year.

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