Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Mayor: Weekend markets 'useless'

HENLEY Town Council may organise its own markets following complaints about the quality of the existing ones.

Several Continental-style markets are held on certain weekends each year and charter markets are held every Thursday and farmers’ markets on the second Saturday and fourth and fifth Sundays of the month.

Mayor Kellie Hinton told the council’s town and community committee: “The charter market is fairly good but the weekend ones are not bringing anything unique to Henley. If they’re not bringing anything cool or unique then what’s the point? They are just absolutely useless and have been shocking for ages.” Town clerk Janet Wheeler said the weekend markets earned the council £2,000 a time in rent, adding: “You can only get that income if you have markets which are prepared to pay it so it has to be commercial.”

Councillor Sam Evans said: “I think we should have some markets because we are a market town. It might be worth having three or four months without a market to see what other market towns do.”

Councillor David Eggleton said: “I don’t think it is all about money, it is about respecting the people who have businesses in town. We should be thinking about them.”

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