Monday, 15 August 2022

Early start ensures freshness

EVERYTHING is freshly made on site at Patisserie Franco-Belge, In a week the business will use about 320 kg of flour, 360 eggs, 20kg of gammon, 25kg of cheese, 40kg of chicken, 25kg of tuna and 50 litres of mayonnaise.

Mr Martin says there is no longer the demand for speciality breads, so the shops sticks to four staples: a multi-seed brown loaf, farmhouse white sourdough, French bread and reduced gluten bread.

In a typical week, the first member of staff begins work at 6am (5am on a Saturday) to load the ovens with the bread mix made the previous day. The next person arrives at 8am when the shop opens.

Mr Martin says: “It slowly gets busy after breakfast and then we have a little rush at about 10am. It then dies down again before about noon when it picks up again and we are really busy from about 12.30pm to 2pm.

“We have a plan for each day and will adjust it as we go along. Some of it is based on the weather. For example, we may make 300 baguettes in a day but if it is raining we would pull that back to 250 or if it is sunny we can push itup to 350.”

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