Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Bitten by Mr Fox

YOU have to feel for Ernie Povey, who has lost several chickens and three cockerels to a hungry family of foxes.

Mr Povey, who lives in School Fields, Shiplake, forgot to shut the hen house door on Monday night last week.

He said that he had been left with just two “traumatised” chickens.

Writing on the Shiplake Villages website, Mr Povey said: “If anyone is feeding foxes in Shiplake Cross/Lower Shiplake will they please stop feeding these ‘wild’ animals so they don’t become urbanised and have no fear of humans.”

“Fab Mr Fox” responded: “Mrs Fox, the cubs and I would like to thank you for our delicious supper. We urban foxes have the same fear of humans as our country cousins but are desensitised by our proximity (created due to human over-breeding).

“We draw no distinction between delicious food you provide for us in your bins, the tasty morsels in bowls or the wonderful chickens penned in for easy hunting by your good self. Country chickens suffer the same fate... without country foxes being fed by humans.”

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