Sunday, 14 August 2022

Bank to attract wildlife

A NEW plan has been drawn up to manage an embankment in Greys Road, Henley.

Marcus Militello, Henley Town Council’s conservation park warden, says the area next to Makins recreation ground could be improved to benefit both wildlife and nearby residents.

In a report to the council’s open and green spaces sub-committee, he says: “The embankment has until now been managed primarily for its floristic value and while this is the main feature of interest, it would be beneficial to alter the management slightly to be more sympathetic for all types of wildlife which may utilise it.”

He says the grass close to the hedge should not be cut every year but every two or three years, adding: “This will have benefits for invertebrates, some of which are pollinators like moths and butterflies.

“This will also benefit common frogs which are known to use the site and small mammals which are likely to use it.

“It should be noted that most of the bank will be cut once to twice per year, favouring wildflower growth. The hedgerow should be cut on a two-year rotation, aiming to make it thicker over time, creating a better habitat and screen.”

Mr Militello also recommended the sowing of yellow rattle seed.

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