Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Twenty five years ago

THE threat of closure hanging over Henley’s trainer pool has been lifted. John Porter, chairman of the Henley Trinity Trainer Pool Association, met Oxfordshire County Council education officers who offered the association a five-year lease after being inundated with parents’ pleas to keep the pool open.

Long-awaited work to improve safety for shoppers leaving King’s Road car park in Henley is to finally go ahead. A former police house and part of another will be demolished to enable the access nearest the town centre to be used by two-way traffic, relieving pressure on the “death trap” exit at the other end of the car park.

The picturesque but dilapidated chapel at Fairmile Cemetery in Henley will be closed unless the town council can be persuaded to take it over. The district council has decided it cannot afford £2,000 to replace the threadbare altar cloth and frontal and the dangerous floor covering. The decision follows a complaint from a local funeral director about the state of the furnishings in the old chapel, which also suffers from flaking stonework and plaster as well as damp.

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