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Coffee shop forced to shut for weeks due to flooding

Coffee shop forced to shut for weeks due to flooding

A COFFEE shop in Henley will be closed for several weeks following severe flooding.

Staff at Starbucks in Market Place arrived at work on Wednesday last week to find two to three inches of water on the floor.

A pipe plumbed into a water cooler at the business on the first floor, human resources and recruitment firm ResourceBank, had split during the night, causing a deluge below.

Workmen are now ripping up the tiles, plywood and parquet flooring underneath as well as removing the wallpaper and fitted seating before bringing in dryers and dehumidifiers.

The work could take up to four weeks after which the floor and walls will have to be reinstated, which could take as long again.

Barry Aston, a supervisor with contractor ISS Restoration of Staffordshire, which is clearing the site, said: “It’s only one room upstairs but it has taken out this business completely.

“The water has come through the ceiling, through the air ducting, and that’s affected the floor.

“The pipe went overnight and when the staff came into the shop they found two or three inches of water.

“We’re faced with stripping out all the wet stuff. The floor is plywood and the water has got below it, so we couldn’t physically dry that — it would take months and months. Instead we’re going to prepare the floor ready for reinstatement.

“We aim for a two-week drying programme but you can’t always say how long it will take — it could be three or four weeks. We also sanitise it.

“Once it’s dry, we’ll issue a dry certificate and then the reinstatement work will start. Another contractor will come in and replace the floors and skirting boards.

“It has turned out to be quite a a big job. I came in on Tuesday with one man and as soon as we started taking the floor up I got back on to the manager and said, ‘I need three men and another day just to get the floor up’.”

When the flooding was discovered staff took the damp carpet flooring panels into the street and the windows of the coffee shop were covered with condensation.

Inside they used bins to catch water and stacked the furniture to one side. A notice in the shop window says: “Dear customers, due to major flooding we are unable to open the store for the foreseeable future.

“Our closest Starbucks is located in High Street, Marlow. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Paul-James Brown, district manager for the Soul Coffee Company, which runs the shop, said: “Our Henley store has unfortunately had to close while we work alongside our neighbours to repair water damage that happened overnight.

“We would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.

“We look forward to welcoming our customers back as soon as we can.”

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