Monday, 15 August 2022

Two events that should inspire us

THE world is in a state of confusion as every country fights for the right to sit at the top table while all the time there is only one table and that one is round.

Out of this chaos, two lights have appeared. One
is local, the other is

The England football team in the recent World Cup was a test. Many commentators predicted that we would be knocked out in the first round but we reached the semi-final — a triumph!

A young team from diverse and mixed backgrounds were under a gifted and inspirational manager who inspired his team with his own kindness, courage and hard work and imbued in them pride and confidence. All this without ostentation. He is a person we can all seek to emulate.

The other great inspirational event was the cave rescue in Thailand last month. This also included interesting observations on our reaction to an incident of this nature.

In the event it was a well- planned rescue carried out by a team of experienced international divers but with the regrettable loss of one diver.

The teenage boys behaved with admirable calm in spite of a lack of food, exercise and many other comforts we regard as essential. The coach, who was an orphan brought up in a Buddhist monastery, led the boys in meditation.

He wrote a letter to the parents apologising to them. No parent complained nor did they complain when their sons were taken straight to hospital for care without being reunited with them. No blame was levied on anyone.

Altogether it was an excellent example of good conduct under very stressful conditions together with excellent international
co-operation with all nations doing their best with no rivalry.

Both of these glimmering lights show that international and national
co-operation can produce amazing results provided that all are united in a common aim and work together.

As Jesus said, “A kingdom divided against itself will fall”.

The rescue also emphasises the value of calm meditation as against fruitless action.

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