Friday, 22 February 2019

‘All those requirements take about 10 minutes a day’

‘All those requirements take about 10 minutes a day’

THE Argyll pub in Market Place, Henley, got full marks at its last inspection in February 2017.

Landlord Neil Ainsworth says: “Scores on the Doors is a good measuring tool and I have always wanted to be compliant with its requirements as it helps us to maintain a good reputation.

“We’ve had a five-star rating for as long as I can remember and we work with the district council to continue to improve our offer. The paperwork element is very important because you need to document all that history.

“It’s not enough to just have one chef hand over informally to another and you can’t tell if food is safe just by looking at it.

“Some businesses have a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude but meeting all those requirements takes only about 10 minutes a day and it benefits you by helping to keep up the best possible standards.”

The Three Horseshoes in Reading Road, Henley, scored five stars at its last inspection in August 2017.

Landlord Nigel Rainbow says: “It is an excellent system for making sure that every pub conforms to basic hygiene standards. We never know when they’ll be inspecting and nor should we. We’re very proud of our five-star rating and we have always been able to score five or four stars without much difficulty.

“The inspectors aren’t there to close you down but to help you understand how you can improve your hygiene, which is good for business. They give you time to make whatever improvements are needed and at the end of the day they’re only checking that you’re doing the things you should be doing as a matter of routine.”

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