Monday, 16 May 2022

Litter-strewn hedge pulled up to solve rat infestation

Litter-strewn hedge pulled up to solve rat infestation

A RIVERSIDE hedge in Henley has been ripped out to help solve a rat problem.

Henley Town Council has spent months discussing how to best get rid of the infestation of the privet hedge that ran along the rear of Singers Park, off Thames Side.

The area is a magnet for litter and antisocial behaviour.

The council’s parks services staff spent Monday and Tuesday digging up the hedge and found it was full of rubbish including smashed glass, champagne bottles, crisp packets, sweet wrappers and Pimm’s jugs.

Next week the hedge will be replaced with beech hedging with no foliage at the bottom where rats could hide.

Wire mesh will be placed on top of the soil to prevent the rats from burrowing and hard scalpings will be used as ground cover. Fragrant plants will be put around the exposed soil. The cost will be £1,000.

Senior park warden Kyle Dowling said: “It’s easily maintained so we can go in to do litter picks and it also deters the rats as it doesn’t give them cover and they can’t nest again.

“The plants are on order so we wanted to get the hedge out and see what we had to work with. A couple of rats came out while we were digging it out.

“We’re hoping to put the new hedge in next week. Not only are we hoping that it will solve the problem but it will also massively enhance the area.”

Parks services manager Karl Bishop added: “There is a lot of footfall here and this will make it nicer for people to come and sit.”

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