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Couple want apology for window shooting

Couple want apology for window shooting

A COUPLE have spoken of their shock after a projectile was fired through the living room window at their listed home.

John and Kirsten Hesketh were enjoying a lie-in at their home in Greys Hill, Henley, at about 8am on Sunday when they heard a bang.

But it wasn’t until they went downstairs later that they found a trail of glass leading from a small hole in a pane of glass in a set of French doors.

The couple, who live with their daughter Charlotte, 17, called the police, who said the damage had probably been caused by a ball bearing fired from an air gun or a powerful catapult.

Mrs Hesketh, a writer, said: “We were still in bed but my husband heard a bang and what sounded like quite young kids in the street.

“It was only later on when we came downstairs that we saw what had happened.

“John said ‘that’s what I heard’ — it looked like a bullet hole.

“I texted my neighbours to see if they had heard anything and they said they heard the same as my husband.

“The police came out that day and had a look around. We couldn’t find the thing that did it, the ball bearing or lead shot. 

“There’s a chance it ricocheted out but we also have quite large gaps in our floorboards so it could have rolled through them.

“Miraculously, it didn’t damage anything but there was a shower of glass that went to the back of the room. It had gone through with some force.”

Mrs Hesketh said she believed that children have been playing outside with a gun or catapult which they accidentally fired towards their house.

Immediately after hearing the bang, they heard a child swear and then run away.

Mrs Hesketh said: “I don’t think we were particularly targeted but because of the reaction it sounds like it was people messing around.

“They didn’t mean it to happen but it was still irresponsible in a built-up area.

“If they had hit the cat or if had been sitting where I normally work it could have been worse.”

Mr Hesketh, a technical manager, added: “Initially I was pretty scared because you don’t know why it happened and it might be some sort of vendetta but I think it was kids being stupid.”

The glass shards were spread over about 20ft and some had landed on the couple’s sofas and chairs.

The couple, who will have to pay for a new panel, have appealed for those responsible to own up.

Mrs Hesketh said: “I’m angry about it — this is a listed building and it needs a certain type of glass.

“If they are young kids they shouldn’t be running around with a weapon like that at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning.

“If it was an accident I’d like someone to knock on my door and apologise.”

A police spokeswoman  said: “Officers attended the scene where a window had been damaged.

“An investigation into the cause is being carried out.

“Anyone with any information should call Thames Valley Police on 101.”

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