Saturday, 14 December 2019

There is only this party to choose

There is only this party to choose

Zaid Marham (Labour)

I AM a science and maths tutor in Oxfordshire, where I grew up and went to school. I have a degree in molecular biology and a master’s degree in applied genetics.

My non-political interests include football, music, photography and cinema. I also play competitive chess in the local league.

My political journey began when I joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament while at school. I have since been involved in other campaigns but my main focus has always been the peace movement.

I joined the Labour Party in September 2015.

I am still interested in foreign policy but my interests have broadened over the years to include education, health and the environment, which, along with housing, I consider the key local issues.

My work as a tutor has given me a good understanding of the state of education in Henley and beyond. Insufficient funding and pressure on teachers mean that teaching is all too often geared towards the requirements of the exam and little time is available for developing enthusiasm or enjoyment of the subject.

The health service is also very stretched, with long waiting times and staff shortages.

Issues are often related. For example, if affordable housing is scarce, then teachers, nurses and other key workers will be unable to find accommodation, which will affect education and health.

The choice before us at this election is truly stark. Nationally, Conservative and Lib-Dem policies have caused big increases in the levels of in-work poverty, food bank use and homelessness. Tackling any one of these would represent enormous progress but Labour will end all three in our first term.

In addition, when one considers Labour’s ambitious plan to protect the environment while boosting the economy through the Green New Deal (let’s not forget, parts of Henley have some of the worst air quality in the South-East) and Jeremy Corbyn’s record on promoting peace rather than war, the case for voting Labour is unanswerable.

I encourage you to vote Labour and send me to Westminster for real change. Consider helping with our campaign or even joining the Labour Party.

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