Sunday, 15 December 2019

Different party with principles to protect

Different party with principles to protect

Jo Robb (Green)

I AM a member of South Oxfordshire District Council, representing the Woodcote and Rotherfield ward. I live with my husband and two young boys in the countryside outside Henley. I studied law in my home country, Australia, and worked as a financial journalist.

When I first joined the Green Party, the reality of the climate and ecological crisis was nowhere on the news agenda. Now more and more people are waking up to the scale of the challenge we face. I am proud to represent the only party willing to take the bold and courageous action needed to tackle the climate emergency.

Over the past three years, many have lost faith in our political system. Greens recognise the benefits of EU membership for the UK and for our local businesses and community. We will fight for a People’s Vote on Brexit and campaign hard to remain. Only a People’s Vote can break the Brexit deadlock and heal the deep divisions in our country.

I have seen first-hand how our planning system is failing local communities. We need wholesale reform to put the environment, affordability and local need at the heart of planning policy. I will campaign for investment in sustainable transport, infrastructure and green, affordable housing. I will fight for the protection of our beautiful countryside from inappropriate development.

A decade of austerity has left our schools and NHS starved of funding. I will fight for proper investment in our essential local services.

The Government has a vision for an Oxfordshire covered in concrete and blighted by traffic and toxic air. Plans for the Oxford to Cambridge Growth Arc, involving a vast concrete expressway fringed with a million unneeded homes, are appalling and must be stopped.

We Greens are proud to be different. We don’t take donations from big business. We are not beholden to vested interests.

It’s time the people of Henley constituency were represented by an MP who understands their concerns and who will represent their interests.

A vote for me would be a vote to protect our natural environment, our beautiful countryside and our communities at both local and national level.

More than ever, we need strong, principled Green voices at all levels of government.

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