Monday, 16 December 2019

Time for change... and for the better

Time for change... and for the better

Laura Coyle
(Liberal Democrats)

I LIVE near Goring with my husband Ray and six-year-old son who attends our local primary school. I also have two stepchildren. I work as a housing solicitor in Oxford fighting for the rights of vulnerable tenants and homeless people.

This general election is the most important we have had in a generation. We are making a decision about the kind of nation we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

I want my children to grow up in an open, tolerant, outward-looking nation. A nation which works with its EU partners to tackle the climate emergency, promote mutual prosperity and preserve peace and security.

I have spoken to countless people on the doorsteps and in town and village centres up and down the Henley constituency who despair at the path that our country is taking.

Like me, they believe that Brexit is bad for our economy, bad for the NHS, bad for the planet and bad for our children’s future.  I want to give them a voice.

I want to give a voice to teachers in this constituency who work so hard to ensure our children are happy and healthy and acquire the skills they need in spite of relentless cuts. They should not have to make impossible decisions about where to save money or ask parents for contributions.

I want to give a voice to local people who are fighting to save this beautiful constituency, and the character of its many small villages and towns, from aggressive overdevelopment.

Lib-Dems across the county have campaigned tirelessly against the Oxford-Cambridge

Last week, the Conservatives said that the plans would be “reviewed” but who is to say that they won’t be back once the election is over?

Lib-Dem councillors on South Oxfordshire District Council, along with their Green colleagues, listened to the concerns of local people and recommended making a new local plan to address those concerns, only for their decision to be called in by the Conservative Secretary of State.

Henley deserves better. It’s time for a change. Only the Liberal Democrats can deliver that change.

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