Sunday, 13 June 2021

Chewing gum plea to students

Chewing gum plea to students

STUDENTS in Henley are being asked not to spit their chewing gum on to the town’s pavements.

Henley Town Council is to write to The Henley College to raise awareness of the issue.

Mayor Ken Arlett said the letter should explain how clean the streets were currently and students should put their used gum in a tissue and then into a bin.

He said: “It’s amazing actually, without any students in town for the best part of six months, that there isn’t that much chewing gum on the pavements.

“I may well be wrong but I suspect that’s where a lot of the problem arises. Before people say ‘that’s not the case’ if you walk up to the college and walk around it, it’s amazing the amount of chewing gum you see on the footpaths around there.”

He said the council had agreed to pay £21,150 for a contractor to clean the York stone pavements in the areas with the highest footfall.

A “large” clean costing £12,250 has taken place in Bell Street, Duke Street, Greys Road from Tuns Lane to the Reading Road junction, Hart Street, Market Place, New Street, Thames Side and Reading Road to the junction with Station Road.

This will be followed by a smaller clean costing £8,900 which will cover Duke Street, Greys Road, Hart Street, Market Place and the southern half of Bell Street to the New Street junction.

Town and community manager Helen Barnett said the council was in the process of getting costs to remove any gum that was left.

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