Friday, 22 January 2021

Fifty years ago...

WHILE the rest of us were enjoying a quiet, white Christmas, local ambulancemen were working flat out. Two of the men on call on Christmas Day spent about a quarter of an hour at home and didn’t see their children. “It was very, very busy — one of the busiest Chirstmases we’ve ever had,” said a spokesman.Twenty-eight patients were taken to hospital on Thursday and Friday and another 12 on Monday.

Six friends have won a total of £7,371 on Littlewoods Pools. They picked nine scoring draws out of 11 teams on Boxing Day matches.  They are Miss Edith Sharpe and Messrs. Royle Goddard, Jack Perkins, Reginald Reeves, Albert Studd and Reginald Sharp.  Mr Goddard, landlord of the Argyle public house, suggested that they start a perm about 18 months ago.

The flooding last year of the Cheshire mine which provides the sole source of rock salt in Britain means that the national demand for use on road can’t be met and supplies are being rationed by the Department of Education.

In Oxfordshire the total authorised amount of 7,500 tons has been delivered, comparing with 12,000 tons used last year.

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