Friday, 23 April 2021

Woman collecting hygiene products

Woman collecting hygiene products

A WOMAN has collected more than 300 essential items for a charity helping to tackle hygiene poverty.

Anna Trimmings, who works at the Nationwide branch in Henley, set up a collection point for customers to donate products such as soap, deodorant, shower gel and toothpaste.

These will be passed on to the Hygiene Bank, which gives them to people in need.

Ms Trimmings, 28, from Didcot, said: “It’s shocking how many people are actually struggling to afford basic hygiene products like soap or deodorant and how this affects their mental health. Being able to wash your hair or wear deodorant definitely influences how you feel about yourself.

“Donating items is a simple way to help other people to feel better.” The charity says more than 14 million people in the UK are affected by hygiene poverty as they can’t afford products and this affects all areas of life, including work, school and relationships.

Ms Trimmings, who was introduced to the charity by a friend who is a volunteer, said: “I didn’t know a lot about hygiene poverty until I found out about the Hygiene Bank and then I really wanted to get involved.”

Branch manager Guy Hyane said: “This is an excellent way to support those in need and I’m very proud of Anna because she showed initiative and did everything off her own bat.

“I’m delighted that Nationwide members supported it and donated these items.” 

Donations can be made at the branch in Market Place.

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